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About us

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What comes to your mind when you think of Uttrakhand? Is it the picturesque valleys or the snow-capped mountains? The truth is, we may know the furthest destination in the state but most of us are unaware what the beautiful local people eat! So, for the love of Uttrakhand, Kumaoni Foodlore aims to take you on a small journey through the cuisne of this state, which is as lovely and simple as its people.


While Kumaon sees plenty of tourists throughout the year, most of them go back without having tasted the flavours of the region and with locals migrating to the cities, the cuisine has remained confined to the local kitchens and is slowly fading away.

Kumaoni Foodlore as a social enterprise aims to enhance everyone’s knowledge about the Kumaoni cuisine and at the same time deliver handcrafted condiments from a traditional kitchen on to your table to spice and add zing to your food.


We predominantly use locally sourced herbs and spices to create best mix of traditional recipes while keeping it 100% Natural, Chemical and Preservative free.

All in all, we aim to inspire everyone to move towards a more healthy and nutritious diet, coupled with simplicity and integration with nature, so don’t miss out on our delicious creations, because as we say “Time and Food waits for none”!

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